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Having to maintain your lawn can be difficult enough, but dealing with pests is something entirely different. Insects can represent a serious threat to the health of your lawn, and if you aren’t too careful, an infestation can happen, which can even be a threat to your home. Don’t try to handle your pest control needs by yourself, as you are likely to do more harm than good.

There are various types of insects and pests that can cause harm to your lawn, such as ants, spider mites, mole crickets, and many more. Certain pests are more harmful than others, as fire ants can wreak havoc on your lawn and can also provide nasty bites if you happen to step in one of their colonies.

Since we are a full-service lawn care company, we are fully dedicated to providing the residents of The Villages, FL area with the best pest control services available. Our standard pest control package includes free indoor service, in which we will inspect your home to find any ways pests can get in or out of your home, as well as spraying barriers and eaves (the bottom edge of your roof). This will ensure your home is fully protected from any harmful pests.

House Pests: Starting at $200

Lawn pest and fertilization- Starting at $350

Shrub pest and fertilization- Starting at $300

No other lawn care company offers rates comparable to ours, we service every 6 weeks versus our competitors' 8 weeks, that's almost 30% more service per year! If you are looking for a professional and dedicated lawn care company, look no further than Landsculpture Lawn Care!

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